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This is where I'm going to TRY and get some scans up of my best/ favorite cards in my collection.They might be a little big,but once I re-size some of them it should be alright.It is currently under construction,lol.

Victor Martinez

2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue Victor Martinez: This has to be one of the sweetest patches in a game used card i've ever seen.I mean come on it's a patch from Chief Wahoo,that's just too cool.It makes the card stand out so much more.

Gotta love Shockey

This cost me at a card show,but it was well worth it.A pretty sweet addition to my growing Jeremy Shockey collection.It's also numbered 355/500 but I didn't scan the back.


My only Non GU/Auto up here

Yeah this is my only non Game Used/Auto up here so far.My Byron Leftwich Upper Deck Honor Roll 3/25 Rookie card.Not priced due to scarcity.I showed this to a dealer I know at this show we always go to,and he went crazy over it,lol.It would probably make good trade bait,but I like it way too much to trade it away.


I picked this up recently at a card show.I don't usually collect baseball Game Used,but this was way too nice to patch up.It's got 11 COLORS (5 different colors,but 11 total) in it for crying out loud!! It's also numbered 87/300.