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Keep in Mind...

These are the Tim Couch cards I already have just for further reference,in case you're offering Couch cards in a trade.Thanks!I'll be updating as I get more cards.

What I have

Aurora Styrotechs
Black Diamond -3
Bowman (Regular) - 2
Bowman Chrome "By Selection" (Couch/Manning)
Bowman's Best - 2
Collector's Edge Master's Legends #'d 3991/5000
Collector's Edge Supreme -3
Collector's Edge T3 - 3
Crown Royale (Die Cut)
Crown Royale "In Your Face
Donruss Elite "Down & Distance" #'d 803/908
Dominion (2)
eX "e-xplosive"
Fleer "Stay in School" (real card?)
Fleer Focus - 5
Fleer Gamers
Fleer Mystique
Fleer Showcase
Fleer Tradition (2)
Fleer Ultra
Fleer Ultra "Millennium Monsters"
Impact "Rewind 99"
Leaf Rookies & Stars
Molten Metal "Gridiron Gods"
Omega "E.O.Portraits"
Pacific "AFC Leaders"
Pacific Paramount
Pacific Vanguard "High Voltage"
Pacific Vanguard
Playoff Absolute (3)
Playoff Absolute "Tools of the Trade" #'d 470/2000
Playoff Contenders
Playoff Prestige
Playoff Momentum (2)
Private Stock Artist's Canvas
Private Stock mini
Quantum Leaf "Banner Season" (die cut) #'d 679/2447
Score -2
Score "Sophomore Showcase"
Score "The Franchise"
Skybox (2)
Skybox "Skylines"
Skybox "The Bomb"
Skybox "Superlatives" (Skybox Comics)
SP Authentic
SP Authentic "Supremacy"
SP "Prolifics"
SPX "Highlight Heroes"
Stadium Club
Topps -2
Topps Chrome
Topps Chrome "Young Guns" (99 QB Class)
Topps Finest - 2
Topps Gold Label (Class 2)
Topps Gallery
Topps Stars
UD Ionix
Upper Deck - 3
Upper Deck Gold Reserve
Upper Deck "NFL Encore"
Upper Deck MVP (regular) -3
Upper Deck MVP Silver Script
Upper Deck MVP "Prolifics"
Upper Deck Ovation
Upper Deck Ovation "Star Performers"
Upper Deck SP "SPX"
Upper Deck SP Authentic
Upper Deck Power Deck "Time Capsule" (NOT CD)
Upper Deck Power Deck "Time Capsule" (CD-Card)
Upper Deck Pro's and Prospects -3
Upper Deck Pro's and Prospects "Report Card" -2
Upper Deck Ultimate Victory -2
Upper Deck Ultimate Victory "Crowning Glory"

Bowman Chrome - 2
Bowman's Best
Donruss Classics -2
Donruss Elite
Dynagon Chrome
eX - 3
Fleer Focus
Fleer Genuine - 2
Fleer Hot Prospects
Fleer Game Time
Fleer Legacy - 3
Fleer Premium
Fleer Showcase -2
Fleer Tradition Glossy - 2
Fleer Tradition Glossy "Unsung Heroes"
Fleer Tradition "Team Leaders Checklist"
Leaf Certified Materials
Leaf Rookies and Stars -3
Pacific - 2
Pacific Impressions
Private Stock - 2 (gold and silver,NM)
Private Stock Gold Frame #'d 2/49
Private Stock Titanium
Playoff Absolute - 2
Playoff Absolute Memorabilia - 2
Playoff Contenders - 2
Playoff Honors
Pacific Vanguard
Pacific Vanguard Blue #'d 61/299
Stadium Club - 2
SP Authentic - 3
SP Authentic SPX
Stadium Club - 2
Topps - 2
Topps Chrome -3
Topps Debut
Topps Heritage - 2
Topps Gallery -2
Topps Reserve - 2
Upper Deck - 4
Upper Deck MVP
Upper Deck NFL Legends
UD Top Tier - 3
Upper Deck Vintage
Upper Deck Vintage "Old School Attitude"

Atomic (die cut)
Bowman Chrome - 2
Crown Royale (Die Cut)
Donruss Classics
Donruss Elite -2
Fleer Authentix - 3
Fleer Box Score
Fleer Focus Jersey Edition
Fleer Focus JE "Franchise Focus"
Fleer Hot Prospects
Fleer Flair - 2
Fleer Maximum - 3
Fleer Platinum - 2
Fleer Showcase
Fleer Throwbacks
Fleer Ultra
Gridiron Kings
Heads Up
Leaf Certified Materials
Leaf Rookies and Stars - 2
NFL Showdown Foil
Playoff Contenders
Playoff Honors
Playoff Prestige - 2
Private Stock
SP Authentic - 2
SP Authentic "Signal Callers" #'d 166/2000
SP Authentic "Signal Callers" #'d 470/2000
SP Legendary Cuts
Stadium Club - 2
Topps - 3
Topps Debut - 3
Topps Finest
Topps Heritage - 3
Topps Pristine
Upper Deck - 2
Upper Deck Honor Roll
Upper Deck Honor Roll "Triple Threat"
Upper Deck MVP
Upper Deck Piece of History
Upper Deck Rookie F/X
Upper Deck "Synchronicity"
UD Authentics - 2
UD Graded
UD Superstars

Donruss Classics (Regular)
Donruss Classics "SAMPLE"
Donruss Elite- 2
Gridiron Kings
Fleer Genuine

Fleer Platinum
Fleer Snapshot
Fleer Tradition
Fleer Tradition "Team Leaders"
Fleer Ultra
Leaf Certified Materials
NFL Showdown
Playoff Hogg Heaven
Playoff Honors
Playoff Prestige
Playoff Prestige "Gridiron Heritage"
Topps Chrome
Topps All American
Topps Draft Picks and Prospects
Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Gold Chrome
Topps Finest
Topps Total
Upper Deck
Upper Deck Honor Roll
Upper Deck MVP
Upper Deck MVP "Talk of the Town"
Upper Deck Pro's and Prospects - 2

Rookie Cards:

*1999 Aurora
*1999 Aurora (Orange)
*1999 Aurora (Pinstripe)
*1999 Bowman
*1999 Bowman's Best (3)
*1999 Bowman's Best "Best Performenrs" (2)
*1999 C.E. Advantage
*1999 C.E. Advantage "Prime Connection"
*1999 C.E. Excaliber
*1999 C.E. First Place - Silver
*1999 C.E. First Place - Gold Ingot
*1999 C.E. Fury
*1999 C.E. Fury "Heir Force"
*1999 C.E. Odyssey First Quarter
*1999 C.E. Odyssey Fourth Quarter
*1999 C.E. Odyssey "Cutting Edge"
*1999 C.E. Supreme "Supreme Future"
*1999 C.E. Triumph
*1999 C.E. Triumph "Future Fantasy Team"
*1999 C.E. Triumph "Heir Supply"
*1999 Donruss Rated Rookie sn 276/5000
*1999 Fleer Focus "Woundrous"
*1999 Fleer Mystique "Pro-Tential" #'d 237/1999
*1999 Fleer Tradition
*1999 Fleer Tradition "Rookie Sensations"
*1999 Fleer Ultra
*1999 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion
*1999 Leaf Certified Materials "Fabric of the Game" #'d 638/1000
*1999 Pacific
*1999 Pacific Paramount
*1999 Playoff Absolute exp
*1999 Playoff Prestige #'d 1671/3250
*1999 Playoff Prestige exp
*1999 Press Pass
*1999 Press Pass "Big Numbers"
*1999 Press Pass "Goldenarm"
*1999 Press Pass "X's and O's" (2)
*1999 Prism
*1999 Skybox Dominion "Atlanta Attitude"
*1999 Skybox Metal Universe
*1999 Skybox (SP)
*1999 Skybox (regular - 2)
*1999 Stadium Club Chrome
*1999 Stadium Club "Emperor's Zone"
*1999 Topps
*1999 Topps Season Opener
*1999 Topps Finest
*1999 Topps Finest "Prominent Figures"  #'d 1797/5004
*1999 Topps Gold Label
*1999 Topps Stars (1 star)
*1999 Topps Stars (3 stars)
*1999 Topps Stars (4 stars)
*1999 Upper Deck "Star Rookies"
*1999 Upper Deck MVP
*1999 Upper Deck MVP (checklist)
*1999 Upper Deck Ovation
*1999 Upper Deck Century Legends
*1999 Upper Deck Century Legends "21st Century Phenoms"
*1999 Upper Deck HoloGrFx "Rookie GrFx" (gold)
*1999 Upper Deck HoloGrFx "Rookie GrFx" (silver)
*1999 UD Ionix "Electric Forces"
*1999 Upper Deck Victory

Game Used/Autos

Game Used:

*1999 C.E. First Place Game Gear HoloGold GU Football - RG1
*2000 Fleer "Feel the Game" GU Jersey
*2000 Fleer Impact "Hats Off" GU Hat
*2001 Pacific Invincible Blue #'d 116/250 GU Jersey - 55
*2001 Pacific Titanium Couch/Plummer GU Jerseys - 69
*2001 SPx "Winning Materials" #'d 603/750 GU Jerseys - WM-TC
*2001 Upper Deck "Classic Drafts" GU Jersey - TC-CD
*2001 Upper Deck "Training Gear" GU Jersey - T-TC
*2001 Upper Deck Nfl Legends "Past Patterns" GU Jersey - PP-TC
*2002 Donruss "1999 Rookie Year Materials" #'d 54/100 - RY-5
*2002 Fleer Authentic "Stadium Classics" GU Jersey/GU Seat - SC-TC
*2002 Fleer Focus JE "Franchise Focus" GU Jersey - TC-FF
*2002 Fleer Hot Prospects "NFL Hot Materials" GU Jersey HM-TC
*2002 Fleer Showcase "Air to the Throne" GU Jersey
*2002 Playoff Piece of the Game GU Jersey - POG-53
*2002 SP Authentic Carr/Couch GU Jerseys A2T - TC
*2002 Topps Heritage "Gridiron Collection" #'d 169/999 GU Jersey - GC-TC
*2002 Upper Deck Rookie F/X "Legends in the Making" GU Jersey - LM-TC
*2003 Donruss Gridiron Kings "Gridiron Cut Collection" #'d 473/475 - GC-49
*2003 SP Game Used Edition GU Jersey - 161
*2003 UD Patch Collection "All Upper Deck" Patch
*2003 Upper Deck "Dual Game Used Jerseys" Couch/Johnson GU Jerseys - DG-J-CJ
*2003 Ultimate Collection Brooks/Couch #'d 228/250 GU Jerseys



*1999 C.E. Advantage Blue Auto
*1999 SAGE Auto
*2003 SPX Signature Edition Blue Ink Auto